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Contactless options for any service

Give customers a range of ways to leave a Yumpingo review using their own device alongside any delivery, takeaway, dine-in, quick-serve, or retail concept. Capture customer sentiment anywhere, any time. 

Delivery and pickup offer

Collect essential guest sentiment insights in unprecedented times. 

Start getting live reviews and email addresses from your delivery and pickup customers

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Mix and match the review collection channels that work best for your service model and products. Track how the same dish fares in a takeaway, delivery or dine-in format, or even as a grocery or retail product.

Fitted to your style

With few resources needed for setup, get Yumpingo up and running in anything from 1 to 1000 venues in a flash.

Get going, fast

Optimize your delivery offering with  data driven menu development and testing of new packaging. Ensure delivery partners are meeting customer expectations.

Guarantee delivery quality

Discover what your guests are thinking


Adaptable research to discover how your customers feel about your brand and service in difficult times and track their sentiment over time.

Answer questions such as:

  • When will they feel confident to return?

  • What do they think about your current service?

  • How  concerned are they about the safety of your products?

Any service style

On the go, takeaway

& delivery 

Bars, stadiums

& street food

Cafes, quick service

& grab-and-go

Restaurants, dine-in

& table service 

Retail & grocery ranges

 Deepak Jaiswal, Co-Founder, said: “In these uncertain times, we need to ensure that our product and service is not being compromised through the delivery channels being used. Yumpingo were super quick to help, offering a practical solution with unique to site QR codes that could be stuck on to pizza boxes. We are now receiving real time feedback on our guest’s experience with each site which allows us to work with the delivery partners to drive quality and service across the whole journey.

 Deepak Jaiswal, Co-Founder, Proove Pizza

Any channel: mix and match

QR codes

Dynamic & scannable

Easily scanned by a phone camera, place QR codes anywhere - on packaging, delivery boxes, stickers, tent-cards or menus - to give quick access to Yumpingo's review portal. 

Email / CRM

Post-dining contact

Direct customers to leave Yumpingo reviews through an email prompt. Source email addresses from reservations, wifi connections or loyalty programmes.

App integrations


Integrate Yumpingo's review portal into any existing loyalty, pay or takeaway app to naturally fit into their user journey. 

Link Yumpingo with your point-of-sale system to map reviews against date and time of dining, as well as gaining team-member insights and a simpler guest journey.

See how Yumpingo draws out transformative insights from thousands of reviews. 

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Off-premise offer

Collect essential guest sentiment insights in unprecedented times.

Free access for 3 months        

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