All your digital services, on one welcome screen, on your customers' phones, through one QR code.

Yum.live gives you the ability to deliver the highest level of digital customer experience. Remove the complexity of asking guests to navigate separate QR codes and services to check-in, order, pay and review by providing a single easy use touchpoint.

Free check in service for all hospitality businesses.

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Fast Check-in

Government-compliant track and trace check-in, accessed by your guests with a tap on their phone, and no download. Provides a subscription option to boost your marketing database, with more than a third of customers opting in.


If you already have a check-in service Yum.live can integrate any digital check-in provider.

Connect your Order & Pay

Directly link to your order and pay platform, right down to table level, to make your guest’s ordering experience smooth, and drive maximum participation.

1-minute Guest Reviews

Capture the thoughts and feelings of your guests with a quick and simple 1-minute review that allows guests to score NPS, dishes & drinks, steps of service and your new safety compliance measures.

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A digital welcome

Greet your guests with a branded welcome page where they can quickly connect to your digital services.


QR codes and yum.live links can be presented on stickers, packaging, posters, menus, table tents, or server cards for easy integration into your service and access for your customers. 


Enable your team to act fast & adapt

Yum.live comes with access to Yumpingo’s LiveView service, an online stream of live guest reviews and scores for your front of house team to spot guest concerns and act quickly to improve. 

You will also receive a weekly insights report summarising how your guests scored their experience across all key metrics throughout the week, informing decision making for the week ahead.

Join in

Signing up to Yum.live is an easy way to take part in We Hear You, the largest customer pulse study for the hospitality industry, backed by UKHospitality, that gathers guest feedback to inform UK government policy and to help the hospitality sector back to continued success.

Receive an industry report emailed to you weekly that provides consumer sentiment insights to benchmark your guest scores with the rest of the sector.

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