Guest engagement takes off

Customers embrace Yumpingo’s feedback platform more and more over time - as evidence from our work with popular London restaurant Whyte & Brown shows.

In the second half of the year compared to the first, this chicken-focussed Carnaby Street eaterie saw:

107% increase in the number of food reviews

375% increase in service reviews


108% increase in guests taking part

This demonstrates that not only is the opportunity to review their meal via Yumpingo’s 1-minute review welcome, it’s a concept that is gaining real traction among diners.

Building momentum

In our first year of working with Whyte & Brown, guest interaction via the Yumpingo platform has really taken off, as the graph below shows:

The finding that the number of diners reviewing their meals through Yumpingo doubled in the second six months of operation compared to the first - to some 3,000 per month - is a clear indicator that our service adds value to the guest experience as well as to the business itself.

In addition over 200 guests per month are prepared to go over and above what we ask them and leave extra comments, and more than 100 are happy to provide their email addresses, enabling Whyte & Brown to build their GDPR compliant marketing database.

Guest engagement that delivers big data

(Average per month, single site)


Dish reviews


Service reviews


Guest emails


Guest comments

Making the business difference

The findings have provided valuable insight into how Whyte & Brown’s offering is received by its customer base, highlighting what it is doing well and which dishes customers particularly like.

Two dishes in particular stand out for diners – resulting in impressive Net Promoter scores (NPS) that are among the best of all the brands in Yumpingo’s client portfolio. Interestingly for a restaurant concept specialising in chicken, its highest-scoring dishes are a chicken souvlaki – and a halloumi souvlaki. 

Halloumi Souvlaki


Yumpingo food score

(0 to 100)


Net Promoter score 

(-100 to 100)

Guest comments

“It was the best vegetarian meal I’ve had since becoming a vegetarian. Thank you!”

“What a dish! It’s tasty, filling and well presented.”

“A bite of halloumi straight from heaven :)”

“The dish was super tasty and the service was exceptional.”

“It’s epic!”

Chicken Souvlaki


Yumpingo food score

(0 to 100)


Net Promoter score 

(-100 to 100)

Guest comments

“Tastes even better than it looks and it looks amazing!”

“A plethora of explosive flavours having a NYE party in my mouth.”

“Better than Greece!”

“The mint hummus is a nice touch. Try it with truffle fries!”

“Chicken was tender, moist and delicious, everything else was just outstanding."

This endorses Whyte & Brown’s chicken-themed concept, but it also provides food for thought as to how to embrace the popularity of a vegetarian dish. Intelligence like this helps Whyte and Brown shape both its service offering and its marketing strategy going forward.

Greater guest engagement boosts customer satisfaction

Sarah Duncan, Head of Marketing at Whyte & Brown says, “The feedback we’re getting about Yumpingo from both customers and staff is highly positive.”

“Most guests are very happy to complete a Yumpingo review because it takes no time at all and because it’s clear we will use those comments to deliver an even better experience next time. The email data capture we are getting is also very strong, and we plan to use the positive comments a lot more in our social media marketing campaigns.”

“From an operational viewpoint, the data is incredibly useful. Yumpingo makes it easy to identify and act on obvious areas that need attention, but there’s so much potential to use it in an in-depth way at every level across the business. It’s going to be an invaluable resource once again when we sit down and start planning our new menu very soon.”


Yumpingo CEO Gary Goodman says “Getting diners engaged in giving feedback is vital to help restaurants understand their customers better and ensure they are continuously honing their service offering to deliver exactly what they want.”

“At Yumpingo, we are proving that our food intelligence platform delivers real benefits to both customers and businesses, as this high and increasing level of engagement shows.”

“By asking targeted questions in an app format, guests can quickly and easily let restaurants know what they really think, knowing that their views are going to be taken seriously. Our clients are finding that this is a powerful tool to build brand loyalty, drive repeat business and turn customers into promoters.”


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