Guest Experience Management

Serve more happy guests.

Help improve your guest experience through hospitality technology.

Actionable guest insights in real time across every shift, every dish and every digital touchpoint.

Customer feedback has become even more vital

Yumpingo provides unique clarity and certainty of what makes your guests feel happy and safe, helping you and your restaurant, pub or bar teams deliver their best through Covid-19 and beyond.

Discover opportunities 

and increase sales

Simply tracking guest sentiment won’t improve it. Uncover what is driving customer happiness, so you know how to keep feeding it and grow sales.

Increase upselling

and empower your teams

Reports and views bespoke to different roles. Find the insights you need with filters for server, site, shift, time, dish, or menu to see reviews from many perspectives.

Increase food

and service quality

A platform built to make complicated data easy to understand. Intuitive color-coded graphs and reports, allows easy and precise decisions.

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Full Coverage Digital Engagement

Connect to your guests in real-time through any digital touchpoint using our partnership integrations and proprietary tech.


Branded digital check presenters that blend seamlessly into the restaurant experience. Easy for restaurant teams to use and delivering maximum engagement. Find out more.

QR codes

Easily scanned by a phone camera, place QR codes anywhere - on packaging, delivery boxes, stickers, tent-cards or menus - to give quick access to Yumpingo's review portal. Find out more.

Email / CRM

Post-dining contact. Direct customers to leave Yumpingo reviews through an email prompt. Source email addresses from reservations, wifi connections or loyalty programmes.

App integrations - API 

Integrate Yumpingo's review portal into any existing loyalty, pay or takeaway app to naturally fit into their user journey. Find out more.


One device. Any app.

Simple for restaurant teams to use and delivers maximum guest engagement.

Sales in Yumpingo Sites Outperform Control Group by
Within 9 Months.

Yumpingo Guest Experience Management was implemented across 21 venues of an 85 site chain for 9 months, providing the opportunity to run a true control group test of the benefits of using Yumpingo.


Additional sales

per day, per venue,
by the end of the period 


Reviews over the period


Reviews of the most reviewed dish, allowing clear consistency tracking

Change-making businesses choose Yumpingo.

"Yumpingo isn’t just giving us data, it's highlighting actionable insights and paying for itself many times over. We wouldn’t go back to making decisions without it."

Gavin Adair - Managing Director

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Net sales from a single data-driven change. 
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