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Feeding happiness

Yumpingo collects real-time, actionable insights from your guests at unparalleled scale, enabling your restaurants to deliver their best food and service, every day. 


Take out the guesswork 

Want to know what your guests think? 

Ask them.

With up to 85% voluntary participation, Yumpingo’s unique, crowdsourced insights empower evidence-based decision-making.

Don’t just track customer happiness, improve it

With dish, server and shift-level detail, our insights do more than just track NPS, they provide your teams with the tools to actively improve it.

Stop waiting for generic monthly reports

Access hourly, daily, weekly or monthly insights in real time. Spot issues as soon as they begin and make immediate fixes. 

Decisions with confidence

for Boards

This is a game-changing way of looking at guest feedback.


It's a magical breakthrough. And I don’t say that lightly – I have a very high bar.

Jim Hyatt

CEO at California Pizza Kitchen


How it works

Guests complete Yumpingo's unique, one minute review at the end of their meal, collecting thousands of pieces of structured feedback, every day. 

Quick reviews

Up to 85% of guests take part with no offer of incentive, motivated only by helping your restaurants serve more happiness every day. 

Completely voluntary

Our platform draws out clear, actionable insights to transform the way you make decisions in your business, so you can improve NPS with every shift, every dish and every server. 

Actionable insights

Using Yumpingo as a tool to continuously observe, understand, take action and improve, your teams can feed guests happiness that keeps your business growing. 

Feed happiness

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For table service

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For any service

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Live dashboard

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Comms dashboard

See how Yumpingo has helped our partners make better, faster business decisions - from operations and menu development, through to team training, staffing models and commercial pricing. 


Restaurant brands around the world already rely on Yumpingo to take out the guesswork and see their business through the eyes of their guests.  

See how our new standard in data-driven restaurant management can help all areas of your business.  


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