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Yumpingo was inspired by a casual conversation our founder had with a friend who runs a restaurant.


When asked for the single thing that could most improve his business, the restaurateur replied that he'd love to see the thoughts of his customers pop out above them like thought bubbles in children's comic books.

After lots of hard work, Yumpingo's unique platforms for collecting and understanding customer sentiment data makes this possible, to help restaurants around the world keep feeding happiness every day.


Meet the growing team that makes it all happen!

Gary Goodman

CEO and Founder

Foodie fact I used to run Hubba Bubba product development, in case you're wondering why Yumpingo is so pink.

David Cantu


Foodie fact growing up, my family’s business was tortillas. Needless to say, I love tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

George Wetz

CTO and Founding Member

Foodie fact the happiest combination we've found so far is good food, good drink and good company. 

Andy Walker

VP Business Operations and Founding Member

Foodie fact I am a father to 2 small children. So now I mostly eat their leftovers. 

Raechel Barnes

Head of Partnerships & Client Services

Foodie fact Being from Texas, I have a deep rooted belief queso is the world's most perfect food.

Head of Sales

Foodie fact I'm writing a cookbook to share my Mamaw's favorite recipes and my gluten free versions in one place!

Sasha Lovichova

Product Manager

Foodie fact I've been a vegetarian since I was six. I also still eat jam with a spoon (because who needs toast..!). 

VP of Operations, US

Foodie fact I was the architect of TGI Friday’s 'Endless Appetizers', more apps for everybody!

Kendal Taylor

Sales Manager

Foodie fact I go to the gym loads just so I can eat ALL the food!

Chris Hargroves

Sales Director

Foodie fact I have my own street food van, selling meatballs to fellow Northerners. 

Katarina Nielsen

Marketing Director

Foodie fact I love cooking, and if I cook for you, you know I like you!

Digital Marketing Manager

Foodie fact I ate a crocodile once, but with the right sauce it can be 'quite' good!

Tom Mabon

Account Director

Foodie fact I'm a multiple Masterchef applicant (still no call back... yet!). 

Rupal Sanghrajka

Finance Manager

Foodie fact my list of  last ever meals - if I were faced with the end - include hummus, chips, guac and lots of chilli sauce.

Barbara Dillon

Operations Manager, US

Foodie fact Spam, ramen, peanut butter & crushed red pepper is a perfect backpacking meal.

Hawkar Mahmod

Data Scientist

Foodie fact the future is lab grown meat. People will be suspicious at first but it will eventually be accepted!

Manuel Kanah

Technical Lead

Foodie fact I run a food blog. My favourite dish is labna - a fresh creamy cheese made from yoghurt - with short ribs.

James Waterworth

Senior Software Engineer

Foodie fact I love using my home pizza oven. Prove dough overnight, watch moisture content & go easy on toppings!

Diana Garcia

Product Designer

Foodie fact my summer doesn't start until I make the first "gazpacho", a Spanish cold soup served with bread & oil.

Caroline Ingman

Marketing Manager

Foodie fact I tried an alpaca burger in Peru - it was called a 'Big Pac' which always makes me smile.

Elise Scarfe

Operations Support

Foodie fact any pizza is a personal pizza if you just believe in yourself.

Josh Summerfield

Customer Success

Foodie fact did you know ripe cranberries bounce like a bouncy ball? Try it!

Matt Holy

Customer Success

Foodie fact the world's biggest food heist was when $15mn of maple syrup went missing from a syrup reserve in Quebec.

KC Chander

Senior QA Tester

Foodie fact as a typical Indian-British, I love curries & Indian sweets but also enjoy scones with jam with clotted cream!

Jeannette Martins

Project Manager

Foodie fact a tip for a split Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce: add a couple of tablespoons of cold water and voila!

Michaela Dallison

Customer Success

Foodie fact I once queued over an hour for amazing coconut ice cream from a tiny 10 cover restaurant in Dubai. 

Amanda Santana

Finance Assistant

Foodie fact I love a good churrasco (Brazilian for barbecue). It can be any time, anywhere, with any drink!

Gady Piazza

Software Engineer

Foodie fact being a massive foodie and eating kosher is not easy, but I find my own way of combining the two.

Chris Haines

Senior Software Engineer

Foodie fact I love a good tapas/meze party.

Federico Palmieri

Android Lead

Foodie fact I love pizza (hey! stereotypes sometimes are true) and brew my own beer.

Board and Investors

Charles Meyers & Keith Taylor 
CEO & CFO of Equinix Inc


Michael Ryan

Private Investor, Founder of

Robert Toms

Managing Director at Smedvig Capital

Joseph Knowles
Principal at Smedvig Capital

Ross Brawn
Formula One Managing Director of Motorsports

Steve Parish

Chairman of Crystal Palace Football Club

Nick Fry

former CEO of Mercedes F1 and CEO of Aston Martin

Tara Donovan

former MD of Jamie Oliver Ltd & CEO of Jamie Oliver Media Group

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