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Yumpingo & Omnivore Partner to Transform Operational Performance

Restaurant intelligence platform Yumpingo and POS integration platform Omnivore have partnered to offer full-service restaurant operators key insights into server, menu and shift-level guest reviews. Linking Yumpingo’s guest feedback technology offering with Omnivore, which seamlessly integrates third party technologies to a restaurant’s POS (Point of Sale) system, gives restaurant operators access to real-time guest feedback to better inform staff management, product development and marketing efforts.

“Gone are the days of managing restaurant operations by ‘gut feel.’ The winners will be those who are able to unify and synthesize data gathered by today’s advanced technology,” said Gary Goodman, Founder and CEO of Yumpingo. “We now have the ability to offer near-immediate guest feedback on exact menu items and servers. Making Yumpingo available to thousands of restaurant locations through Omnivore’s API enables the opportunity for monumental change in how operators manage staff training and compensation, marketing and menu development through specific and timely guest feedback.”

With Omnivore’s POS integration, guests receive their bill digitally on Yumpingo’s device, which replace traditional check presenters, with an invitation to complete a one minute review at the end of the experience. The resulting information provides operators complete certainty of how to optimize customer satisfaction across brands at location, shift, server and dish level in real-time, giving managers specific feedback on quality of service immediately during a shift.



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