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Two weeks in - “We Hear You” offers all hospitality venues real-time customer feedback to help rebui

As UKHospitality reports that just 53% of bars and restaurants reopened during the first week of trading after lockdown, with revenues only hitting 44.5% of previous levels. The We Hear You survey is ramping up to join the government’s efforts in addressing consumer concerns. To date, the data has highlighted that consumer confidence is picking up, as 65% of customers said they had visited more than one venue since the re-openings.

So what else have we learned over the past two weeks of data collection?

From the 4,866 customers who provided feedback on their experiences, 96% stated they were satisfied with the precautions put in place by restaurants and 52% felt that their experience was not compromised. When asked, 88% of those who felt their experience was compromised understood it was necessary, with only 12% suggesting they would prefer fewer measures.

Over the coming weeks, the ambition of the campaign is to provide both restaurants and UKHospitality with continuous live insight on consumer confidence and responses to precautionary measures, with the ability to narrow down concerns and triumphs by region.

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Gavin Adair, CEO

of Rosa’s Thai, said of the initiative: "We are delighted to be supporting the We Hear You initiative. There is nothing more important than understanding how happy and safe our customers feel as they return to our restaurants. The more we pull together as an industry to balance the need for safety and hospitality, the faster we all build confidence and custom.”

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