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'We Hear You' Initial Findings: As hospitality reopens, consumers feel safe

We are pleased to share with you the early research results from the ‘We Hear You’ initiative by CGA, Yumpingo and UKHospitality. The campaign has been launched to gauge the opinions of consumers returning to the hospitality industry after lockdown, and to reassure the wider public that venues are doing everything they can to protect them.

The survey in the week following hospitality’s reopening on Saturday 4 July found that three quarters (77%) of consumers considered Covid-19 safety measures on their visit.

The good news is that those measures have given people confidence, with more than nine in ten visitors either very satisfied (80%) or satisfied (14%) with safety steps in the venues they visited.

The same proportion of consumers (94%) said they were satisfied with the way venue teams followed hygiene practices—and even more (97%) were satisfied with general cleanliness.

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We hope you find our report useful, and look forward to keeping you up to date with the very latest consumer opinions. Please share your own views—and if you are not yet involved in the ‘We Hear You’ initiative, we would love to tell you more.

Gary Goodman, CEO, Yumpingo

Phil Tate, Group Chief Executive, CGA

hello@cga.co.uk | WeHearYou@yumpingo.com

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