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UK Survey Firm Yumpingo Aims for Actionable Data Only

Franchise Times has published an interview with our US VP Operations, Dan Dillion on Yumpingo's luanch in the US with TGI Fridays:

There’s nothing like opening up a survey, any survey, and seeing a massive list of personal questions. Is this the doctor’s office or a French fry survey?

British restaurant analytics and big data firm Yumpingo aims to be the polar opposite. The firm has partnered with TGI Fridays as its first U.S. client with the goal of delivering actionable, granular data without the demographics of so many surveys.

“We emphasize that it’s a one-minute conversation, and people are willing to give their feedback. That one minute in Yumpingo is really one minute, we don't ask the 150 demographic questions that marketers want,” said Dan Dillon, the vice president of U.S. operations for Yumpingo.

The full interview is here


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