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Yumpingo Raises $10M to Build Up Its Intelligence Platform

Jennifer Marston spotlighted Yumpingo's investment raise on The Spoon:

"Restaurant intelligence platform Yumpingo has raised a $10 million Series A round, according to a company press release. The round was led by Smedvig Capital with participation from Equinix CEO Keith Taylor, Bullet Point Network CEO Mike Ryan, and David Cantu, cofounder of HotSchedules.

Yumpingo’s software is primarily built around the after-meal surveys restaurant guests are given that let them rate their experience at the restaurant and their food, with questions specific down to the the individual dish. Restaurants can offer the surveys via the Yumpingo Now package, for which they are given a Yumpingo tablet to hand to guests dining in. They can also choose Yumpingo Everywhere, which lets businesses use the software on their own devices and in a range of different restaurant settings, full-service, quick-service, stadiums, bars, and delivery among them."

Article excerpt - see full version with some interesting commentary here


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