• Bruce Wilson

A chef’s view: why Yumpingo is a key tool for restaurants

Bruce Wilson, an experienced chef consultant with a 18-year career in the industry works with Yumpingo us as our Chef in Residence. Bruce's wealth of knowledge is already helping to improve our core food insights as well as advancing the ways we onboard and communicate with our customers. Contrary to impression you may get from the severe looking photo he supplied for this article, he's a thoroughly nice chap. Anyway, over to Bruce...

In the restaurant business, reputation is everything. Social media can make or break reputations in a click. I have been working as a head chef for over 10 years, and in all that time, maintaining quality and consistency has been my number one priority – as I know it is for most chefs and restaurant owners.

The problem is: you can only see one service in one restaurant at a time. What happens on the other services when you’re not there? How did the team perform? How well was the food received by the guests? The fact is, getting any meaningful feedback from guests can be challenging. You traditionally receive any feedback days after the visit, and it tends to be either very positive or very negative with little or no ability to address issues brought up.

I've found that using Yumpingo’s platform you can get hundreds of reviews of service standards and individual dishes every day – all at the touch of a customer’s fingertips. Restaurants can use this real-time information in a variety of ways.

First off – you can respond to customer feedback straight away, allowing you to smooth over any problems. But it could be so much more than that… for instance it can enable restaurants to:

  • Monitor the quality and consistency of a menu; when testing new dishes, ingredients or cooking processes, see what are the real crowd-pleasers, and what hasn’t hit the mark.

  • Identify pinch points within service – does quality of dishes go down when the restaurant gets busy, and how does the team cope front and back of house?

  • Implement it as a training tool or performance management tool, to help deal with underperforming staff by enabling restaurants to identify and flag up issues, so they can be managed.

  • Assess pricing – this is especially important, not only to find out whether individual dishes are perhaps too expensive, but crucially the overall perceived value for money based on the experience of the whole meal.

  • Analyse how the dish is received by the customer. Is it too big or too small? Does the guest understand it (either the menu wording or how it is presented on the plate)? Is the seasoning right – obvious, but so often a cause of a poor score.

  • Evaluate suitability for the demographic – eg too much choice/inappropriate choice of options on the menu.

Essentially, Yumpingo can be your eyes and ears on every service. It’s an interactive, simple way for customers to tell you what they think – giving you valuable insight that you can act on immediately to make a real difference to your business.


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