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Everywhere for Everyone - Yumpingo offers Everywhere Solution for free


The web-based Everywhere gives restaurants real-time feedback from at home diners

27th April 2020 London - Yumpingo, the restaurant intelligence platform, today announced the availability of Everywhere, their web-based one-minute review platform, as a free solution to all restaurants providing delivery and takeaway services amidst the industry’s coronavirus closures. Yumpingo Everywhere, the SDK component of the technology company’s suite of real-time customer engagement services, is the first phase of a range of new products the company is launching to enable the industry to come back better.

“With such uncertainty as to when and how to get back to market, getting real time feedback from your customers to adapt and optimise your service model and menu has never been more important,” said Gary Goodman, founder and CEO of Yumpingo. “Our collective future depends upon UK restaurants returning to service as efficiently as possible whilst managing lost cash flow, so Yumpingo is waiving all fees for Everywhere to get our industry back to work.”

The web-based Yumpingo Everywhere is triggered wherever a restaurant is digitally engaging their customers whether via email, text, or app. QR codes can also be provided as printed collateral within the delivery. Consumers complete a one-minute review and the resulting data allows restaurants to understand what their customers think about the delivery experience be it product, packaging or service-related. Yumpingo’s platform then produces actionable insights which enable restaurants to keep track of what matters to their diners at-home. Yumpingo’s aim is to continue their support of brands during this challenging time and offer a way for their customers to feel valued even when eating off-premises.

Proove Pizza, the wood-fired pizza specialists, with restaurants across West Didsbury, Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds, is a fast adopter of Yumpingo Everywhere. Deepak Jaiswal, Co-Founder, said: “In these uncertain times, we need to ensure that our product and service is not being compromised through the delivery channels being used. We spoke to the team at Yumpingo and they were super quick to help, offering a practical solution with unique to site QR codes that could be stuck on to pizza boxes. We are now receiving real time feedback on our guest’s experience with each site which allows us to work with the delivery partners to drive quality and service across the whole journey.”

Gary Goodman continued: “Yumpingo is dedicated to making sure our partners are staying top of mind and continue to feed happiness despite their doors being closed. Offering a free and easy way to keep meaningful conversations in place with their customers is just the first step. The role of technology will move from being a silent facilitator of hospitality to now creating meaningful but largely contactless touch points across the guest experience. How restaurants deliver change, how they evolve their service proposition, and how they engage their customers along will dictate their success.”


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