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Yumpingo makes its ‘Everywhere’ review platform free

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Yumpingo is giving away its ‘Everywhere’ one-minute review platform for free to restaurants offering delivery and takeaway.

It said it was the first of a new range of products it’s launching to help the industry “come back better”.

“With such uncertainty as to when and how to get back to market, getting real time feedback from your customers to adapt and optimise your service model and menu has never been more important,” said Yumpingo founder and CEO Gary Goodman.

“Our collective future depends upon UK restaurants returning to service as efficiently as possible whilst managing lost cash flow, so Yumpingo is waiving all fees for Everywhere to get our industry back to work.”

Everywhere is triggered wherever a restaurant is digitally engaging their customers, via email, text, or app. Consumers complete a one-minute review and the resulting data allows restaurants to

understand what their customers think about the delivery experience, e.g. the product, packaging or


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