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California Pizza Kitchen Partners With Yumpingo

A successful Yumpingo pilot fast-tracks the rollout of its unique restaurant intelligence platform to CPK’s U.S. locations

Restaurant intelligence platform Yumpingo today announced a partnership with California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) to bring unparalleled, real-time guest insights to the 240+ unit worldwide restaurant brand.

CPK piloted Yumpingo at three flagship restaurants in the Los Angeles market beginning in August 2019. The impressive results prompted CPK to green light the platform’s signature one-minute review for national rollout to all 181 U.S. CPKs in the first half of 2020 starting this February.

The Yumpingo platform engages guests in a one-minute digital conversation at the check presentation step of service using a POS-integrated CPK-branded device. Guests can rate each menu item they have ordered as well as their overall experience while providing insightful comments on their visit.

Yumpingo delivered over 93,000 in-the-moment responses from consumers visiting the three pilot CPK locations since the mid-August launch with data ranging from over 18,000 NPS answers to 500 reviews. Mike Mader, SVP of Global Strategy, Planning and Transformation at CPK, led the pilot as part of a guest experience project and championed its adoption.

“We’re laser focused on delivering an exceptional guest experience,” said Mr. Mader. “Yumpingo gives our guests the ability to provide feedback in real time so we can best celebrate what’s working well while also quickly addressing where we have opportunities to improve the guest’s experience. This is providing real-time insights at scale and unparalleled speed that’s allowing us to up our game in delivering best-in-class hospitality.”

Yumpingo’s collected data is distilled down into meaningful insights that provide management (at site, regional and corporate levels) with the visibility to make informed decisions about how best to optimize the guest experience at the menu item, service, site, menu or concept level.

Gary Goodman, CEO of Yumpingo, celebrates the partnership: “CPK is no stranger to innovation and saw the power of giving its guests a direct and seamless channel to provide feedback through our instant one-minute review. To gather so much meaningful insight from just three sites means that our partnership will give CPK unprecedented reach into the preferences of its guests and enable its teams to feed more happiness across their entire system.”

“The future of the industry belongs to changemakers who recognize technology as a means to enhance the guest experience,” Mr. Goodman continued. “We’re excited to partner with a brand that shares our same vision of hospitality.”

About Yumpingo

Launched in the UK in 2017, Yumpingo is a restaurant intelligence platform bringing big data analytics to restaurant operations by tapping into the silent majority of guests’ in-moment restaurant experiences through technology touchpoints. Our award-winning platform enables restaurant leaders to make more decisions, faster, and with greater confidence by turning data into insights into actions at unprecedented levels. Yumpingo gives restaurants complete certainty of how to optimize customer satisfaction across brands at location, shift, server and dish level. The ultimate effect is a transformation of the business as proven through numerous case studies which boast increased sales and improved customer satisfaction and we’re just getting started.

Yumpingo integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POS (point of sale) to facilitate data which impacts operations, new product development and marketing for some of the world's largest and most innovative restaurant groups including YO! Sushi, Azzurri Group and Wahaca. Reviews are facilitated tableside with digital/paper bills or through an SDK for distribution across any device. Yumpingo recently launched their Everywhere solution for delivery, togo, catering, and QSR/LSR which invites reviews using a QR code.

Feed happiness with Yumpingo.

About California Pizza Kitchen

In 1985, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) opened its first restaurant in Beverly Hills and introduced diners to innovative California-style pizza. With a passion for combining fresh, seasonal ingredients with flavor inspirations from around the world, today CPK is a global brand serving creative California cuisine in more than 240 restaurants in 10 countries and U.S. territories. From signature, hand-tossed pizzas and high-quality main plates to inventive better-for-you options, Lunch Duos, premium wines and handcrafted beverages, CPK adds its imaginative twist to create a memorable dining experience.

For more information, visit cpk.com.


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