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Hickory's - "It's been really enlightening for us"

There's a great four page article about Hickory's in September's Restaurant Magazine which includes some views on Yumpingo from their MD, John Welsh. Hickory's a great partner of ours and it's interesting to see how they have been making best use of Yumpingo:

Hickories plan to..​ 'make better use of guest feedback ("by looking after people, we know we will grow our profits"). Hickory's recently signed up with restaurant intelligence company Yumpingo so that it can get specific feedback from customer when they dine, which he says has made a big difference to how it approaches menu development.'

'It now closely tracks its Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge the loyalty of it's customer relationships. "Other than looking at any complaints that came through or talking to guests in the restaurants, we had no real objective measure of how we were performing," Welsh explains. Now there is even a competition between venues to get the best NPD score. "It's been really enlightening for us - we might think something works, but the customer doesn't always agree."'


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