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Taking Rosa's to the next level

Propel's quarterly magazine features an in-depth interview with Gavin Adair, the MD of Rosa's Thai Cafe (and I think you'll agree, a very impressive front page pun). During the interview he discusses the work they are doing with Yumpingo:

How challenging have the widely reported cost pressures in the sector been and what have you done to mitigate them?

What we're not doing is talking price. We're looking at supply and cost opportunities, but what's been interesting talking to our investors is we're staying totally focused on team engagement and customer satisfaction. We're investing in technology to measure those factors in a more frequent basis. We recently launched with real-time customer feedback app Yumpingo. We're trying to stay focused and committed to the things that drive customer experience and medium-term brand value rather than worrying about trying to offset costs. If we have to sacrifice a bit of margin in the short term, so be it.

The article can be found here on pages 29-34.


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