• Andy Walker

A totally unwarranted, sense of achievement washes over me.

Eventbrite's Rally blog recently covered the growing phenomena of the 'testaurant', a trend Yumpingo is at the forefront of through our work with Wahaca and Wagamama, who both feature in the article.

The author's experiences at Wagamama's noodle lab are exactly the kind of guest reaction we strive for:

Next to my phone is a second handset, linked to the data-gathering platform Yumpingo. Each dish I’ve eaten today has been loaded onto it, and I’ve been asked to rate them with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down in four different categories: Look, Taste, Portion and Value. I give them all positive feedback, except the mackerel, which I enjoyed but found tricky to eat. I type something to this effect into a box at the bottom, then press submit. A totally unwarranted, but very enjoyable, sense of achievement washes over me.

There is also some great incite into how successful dishes from the Wagamama test restaurant are rolled out across the whole chain based on guest feedback.

“Yumpingo sends us a report at the end of every day,” explains manager Laurie Severn, who joined the company seven years ago as a student. Around 200 pieces of feedback are collected each day, which over the course of a 12-week trial period adds up to 16,800 assessments of the dishes being trialled. Once the verdicts are in, a committee meets to consider their future. “We ask ourselves two things: does this dish work for the guests, and will it work operationally?” Of the 12 or so dishes on trial at the Noodle Lab each quarter, maybe three will make the final cut.

The full article is here. It might be an odd place for an article about restaurant trends, but it's well worth a read.


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