• Andy Walker

Yumpingo on the BBC

This morning Gary was interviewed on the BBC News, Business Live show by Maryam Moshiri and Sally Bundock. The show was watched globally on the BBC World News channel and we've already had inquiries flooding in, some from as far way as Thailand.

During the section Sally Bundock shared a common concern of restaurant guests, that Yumpingo resolves with our simple and intuitive 1-minute reviews:

"I can't think of anything worse, when I'm out at a restaurant and people come up to me to and say, 'Here's a card, can you leave a TripAdvisor review?', but having spoken to you and seeing this, I can see why I would actually do this, whereas the other ways of taking feedback I'm balking at. It's all about convenience."

"This is super quick, very convenient and it's familiar as well."

Yumpingo made a good impression with the hosts anticipating that Gary "could become a very busy person."

The Business Live show is available to view on the BBC iPlayer for the next 30 days.


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