Simple packages suited to every service style.

We’ve created a package for every type of food, drink and service style, so all restaurants and bars can improve their guest experience, across every venue - at shift, server and dish level.

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Real-time analytics on guest happiness, benchmarked at brand and venue level.


Live guest reviews feed - spot issues teams can quickly resolve.

See the impact of your safety and compliance measures on guest experience.

Weekly guest happiness scores for service steps and food quality to empower decisive changes.

Capture guest emails to rectify guest issues and supercharge repeat visits.


Deep portfolio-wide analytics on guest happiness, across every region, venue, shift, server & dish.

Everything in QuickView, plus:

Analysis of every menu item - develop menus with confidence.


Track and improve menu item consistency across all venues and regions.


Custom consumer research questions and analysis to optimise your guest experience.

Evaluate team member performance to deliver excellent brand experiences.

Guest emails segmented by sentiment - reply to happy and unhappy guests appropriately.


Full suite of analytics on guest happiness, including social and online reviews.

Everything in DeepView, plus:

Reputation Management: All social and online review platforms in one inbox for your teams to manage.

Automated alerts for influencer posts and safety issue words.

Get reviews from your delivery, pickup or to-go offering.

Connect Yumpingo to your internal systems, CRM and BI platforms.

Supercharge your Yumpingo with add ons:

Monitor and enhance your digital reputation through a single social collaboration service that allows you to identify and interact with online guests to strengthen and optimise your reputation.

Reputation Management 

Included in TotalView, or purchased as a standalone service

  • Engage directly with your guests across all social, voice and email communication channels - including Instagram, Messenger, TripAdvisor, Google and more.

  • Manage your performance by having a 360° view of historical and current online guest reviews across all venues and locations.

  • Deal with guest issues in record time through collaborative tools that allow you to effectively manage guest issues across locations, any time, day or night.

Integrations & Hardware

Yumpingo One
​Branded front of house device for reviews and digital checks

POS integration
(see who we integrate with)

CRM integration
(see who we integrate with)

BI integration or integration into any other system using our webhooks platform

Analysis & Consultancy

  • Custom Board Reports


  • Menu Analytics & Engineering Reports


  • Due Diligence Reports

Change-making businesses choose Yumpingo.

"Yumpingo isn’t just giving us data, it’s highlighting actionable insights and paying for itself many times over. We wouldn’t go back to making decisions without it."

Gavin Adair - Managing Director

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Net sales from a single data-driven change. 
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