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Sales soar as focus on data-driven continuous improvement pays off

Intelligence from Yumpingo has enabled the chicken-and-waffles restaurant brand BIRD to achieve impressive like-for-like sales growth that far outperforms the industry.

With a difficult climate in restaurants and hospitality, how best to deliver growth is front of many brands and restaurateurs minds. How does an 8% increase in like-for-like sales sound? 

8% is the magic number achieved by London-based BIRD’s “fried chicken joints”, when comparing six months of like-for-like annual comp sales since working with Yumpingo. In a particular month they experienced a massive 20% jump. BIRD's CEO Paul Hemings attributes this success almost exclusively to actions taken on the basis of intelligence provided by Yumpingo.

Like for like sales - BIRD v UK restaurant industry

* UK restaurant industry data from CGA Coffer Peach Business Tracker


Data: the defining factor

Achieving such a sharp uplift in sales without a big marketing push, PR campaign, major menu overhaul, price increases or any significant changes to the business model is no mean feat: none of these have been implemented by BIRD during this period.

Paul Hemings is clear that it’s the unparalleled insight into the guest experience provided by Yumpingo that’s the critical factor here, enabling the group to focus on continuous improvement in its food offer and its wider operational performance.

BIRD has been using the Yumpingo food intelligence platform in three of its restaurants since late 2017, and within six months had over 25,000 reviews. Hemings says, “It quickly surpassed my expectations and I was an immediate convert. Who can argue with that volume and depth of information?”

Continuous improvement

This is the first time that the concept of continuous improvement or marginal gains has been possible in restaurants. Yumpingo enables restaurants like BIRD to make a series of targeted and incremental improvements that produce significant effects over time. The brand reviews the results across its restaurants weekly, to identify and focus on underperforming dishes and services so that weaknesses can be addressed. Successes can also be consolidated and built on, because quality can be monitored on an ongoing basis and consistency improved. 

Continuous improvements across both food and service has resulted in happier guests returning more often and encouraged more guests to visit for the first time, leading to the impressive boost in like for like sales BIRD are experiencing.

Confidence, motivation & strategy

Hemings says that Yumpingo’s insight has been invaluable in three key ways: 

1 Giving confidence to management in what they are doing, by confirming or challenging what they instinctively “know” about their business, their market and their customer base.

2 Driving motivation to continuously improve, by highlighting tangible areas to target and enabling them to monitor progress over time and creating a sense of friendly competition between sites.

3 Shaping strategy - “The Yumpingo platform helps us to identify areas to focus on going forward and it has shaped the way we think about giving customers the best as we grow,” says Hemings.

“Yumpingo gives restaurants a level of insight not previously considered possible. Once you start getting that volume of granular data, it completely changes everything,” says Paul Hemings, CEO, BIRD.

“Having that transparent information at your fingertips in real time, presented in such a way that you can zero in to specific areas of service or zoom out to look at big picture trends, is very powerful. It takes the mystery out of what guests really think and puts the evidence right there in front of you.”

It completely changes everything



Gary Goodman, CEO of Yumpingo says, “Using Yumpingo’s insight to hone and develop BIRD’s offering has yielded incredible results in a very short space of time.”

“It’s a real testament to the power of data-driven decision-making that BIRD can see a direct link between the significant uplift in sales they’ve seen since they started using the Yumpingo food intelligence platform.”

“It’s now become an embedded part of their everyday processes, enabling them to create a virtuous circle of monitoring and improvement. Success like this is exactly what we set up Yumpingo to help restaurants achieve.”

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