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Insights Platform

Daily dashboard


Yumpingo’s Insights Platform draws out trends and patterns from your thousands of real-time reviews. Filter across time, venue, dish and server. 


Simply tracking guest sentiment won’t improve it. Yumpingo’s Insights Platform helps uncover what is driving customer happiness, so you know how to keep feeding it. 

Discover clear opportunities,
not cryptic problems

Reports and views bespoke to different roles. Find the insights you need with filters for site, date, shift, time, dish, menu category or server, to see reviews from many perspectives. 

Find what you want,
when you want

Our platform is built to make complicated data easy to understand. Through intuitive color-coding, graphs and reports, see trends and insights - not just numbers.

See insights, not data


  • Look at a live data feed or look at trends over time

  • Access anywhere, any time on desktop, tablet or mobile

  • Unique algorithms for most meaningful scoring

  • Set venue groups for area reporting 

  • Role-specific views for everyone in the business

  • NPS tracking by industry standards 

  • Auto-generated daily, weekly and monthly reporting

Hundreds of restaurants already rely on Yumpingo to take out the guesswork and see their business through the eyes of their customers.  

See how customer sentiment data can help colleagues in all areas of your business.  

See how Yumpingo can pull together your customer communications and online reputation for easy management and analysis. 

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