Decisions with confidence

for Boards

See your business through the eyes of your customer to truly understand what’s driving happiness. Shape your strategy, make decisions with confidence and focus resources in the right place.

This is a game-changing way of looking at guest feedback. It is a magical breakthrough.


And I don’t say that lightly – I have a very high bar.

- Jim Hyatt, CEO, California Pizza Kitchen

Yumpingo isn’t just giving us data, it’s highlighting

actionable insights and paying for itself many times over.  We wouldn’t go back to making decisions without it.

- Gavin Adair, Managing Director, Rosa's Thai Cafe

Having that transparent information at your fingertips... where you can zero in to specific areas of service or zoom out to look at big picture trends, is very powerful.


It takes the mystery out of what guests really think and puts the evidence right there in front of you.

- Paul Hemings, CEO, BIRD

Hundreds of restaurants already rely on Yumpingo to take out the guesswork and see their business through the eyes of their customers.  

See how customer sentiment data can help colleagues in all areas of your business.  


Complete visibility 

for Operations teams

Understand what your customers truly think. See how guest happiness varies between sites and introduce consistent KPIs. Highlight strengths and work on weaknesses in your front- and back-of-house teams by focusing your support. 

It’s been a revelation in terms of our Ops.


We’ve always done what we thought, or the team thought, or a random guest thought is going to be right.


But we’re now getting real-time feedback to really show what’s right - and at a scale that’s incredible compared to any kind of reviews we’ve had before.

- Emma Deabill, Director of Operations, YO! Sushi

Providing the guests a voice in the easiest way possible has been our priority for some time, given our counter service format it’s been almost impossible - now the Yumpingo platform allows us to do just that.

In a retail world dominated by data, the restaurant part of our business has always felt a little left behind, Yumpingo will allow us to bring data driven decision making to this part of our business.

- Simon Maclean, Food & Hospitality Proposition, John Lewis


Smarter decision-making

for Food teams

See your business through the eyes of your customer to truly understand what’s driving happiness. Shape your strategy, make decisions with confidence and focus resources in the right place.

Yumpingo has really given us the tools and confidence to make better informed decisions, faster.


We are constantly optimising in terms of flavours, plating, pricing – with immediate feedback.


We can now identify development and operational issues

so much more clearly.

 - Gavin Healy, Head of Back-of-House Operations, Rosa's Thai 


Clear focuses 

for General Managers

Get clear daily, weekly and monthly focuses to drive up NPS in your restaurant. Set targets and reward successes in your team.

During Monday morning meetings, my chef and I assess which food has scored well and which hasn’t and what we are going to do about it.


Our staff are really engaged and get involved as much as they can.

- Daniel Heyworth, General Manager, Turtle Bay


Greater confidence 

for Head Chefs

Understand the consistency of each dish across a shift, a week or a month. Uncover problems, fix them in real-time and have confidence your team deliver great food, even when you’re out of the kitchen. 

Using Yumpingo to understand how dishes perform in my branch verses others has been so valuable.


As Head Chefs we're now really pooling our collective knowledge to help each other out.

- Head Chef 


Sentiment-led targeting  -

for Marketeers

Manage your online reputation on public review sites, all in one place. Profile customers based on sentiment to re-target happy regulars and win back detractors.

We’ve always taken guest feedback seriously, but we’re now able to give a voice to that silent majority and gain some incredibly powerful insight.


We’re able to shape our brand experience and focus on what really matters to our guests across everything we do. Word of mouth is key to us and we can now hear genuinely what every guest thinks and how we can fix things straight away.


An added bonus has been the volume of data we’ve captured  and how we’ve managed to rebuild our database to pre- GDPR volumes.

- Lisa Owen, Marketing, Hickory's Smokehouse

The email data capture we are getting is very strong… we use positive comments a lot more in our social media marketing campaigns.

- Sarah Duncan, Head of Marketing, Whyte & Brown

From menu development and service styles, through to team training, labour models and commercial pricing.


See how our partners have used Yumpingo to assess their strengths, test new changes and make better business decisions, faster.

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