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Turbo-charged NPS

Yumpingo’s actionable insights help Harvester transform guest experiences

Improving overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) to drive sales growth is the Holy Grail for many restaurants and helping businesses achieve this is a core focus for Yumpingo. Our work with Harvester, part of Mitchells & Butlers, the UK’s largest restaurant group, is a good example of how we do this.

18% jump in number of customers promoting restaurants in just four months


Almost 3,500 service reviews per site per month gives unprecedented visibility


Capturing over 250 GDPR compliant guest email addresses per site per month

Delivering significant results

Harvester has seen an 18% increase in numbers of guest promoters in just four months, thanks to targeted actions taken on the basis of insight delivered by Yumpingo’s food intelligence™ platform. 

The findings are based on large volumes of data collated and analysed by Yumpingo: an average of almost 3,500 service reviews and well over 2,000 individual dish reviews per site per month.

This level of detail has given clear visibility of the guest experience at site, service and dish level, helping Harvester to understand what is doing well and where there are areas for improvement. Crucially, it provides insight on the views of the “silent majority” of customers who don’t normally give feedback.

*August-November 2017 across 6 Harvester sites

Transformed guest experiences

In addition to the jump in NPS, significant improvements were also tracked in other key metrics like service scores (9%), likelihood-to-return ratings (7%) and food scores (3%).

Data capture at unprecedented scale  

(Average per month per venue)


Dish reviews


Service reviews


Guest emails


Guest comments

Achieving solutions 

Yumpingo doesn’t just deliver data, our food intelligence™ platform enables restaurants for the first time to close the feedback loop on every aspect of their product and service offer, using expert-led machine learning to identify actionable insights. 

Over the period a series of informed changes were made by Harvester to their menus and service operations which cumulatively led to the overall improvement in NPS. 

One example of this was using live customer feedback to transform menu development at dish level. One of Yumpingo’s findings identified five key dishes which could benefit from being reviewed and adapted to fit more closely with the demands of customers. The Harvester food development team introduced changes and every dish showed an uplift in food score:

Tellingly, when looking at NPS for customers choosing those specific dishes, the overall visit rating jumped by 54%, while likelihood-to-return scores increased by 33%. 

Customers leave happier at Yumpingo-enabled restaurants

Harvester has been highly impressed with the results achieved within just a few months of working with Yumpingo. 

Rob Pitcher, Divisional Director at Mitchells & Butlers says, “Customers leave happier thanks to our collaboration with Yumpingo.”

“The volume of data Yumpingo captures allows us to fine-tune our offering so that we can be confident we are serving more of the food they love more of the time.”

“This level of insight is truly transformational, enabling us to continuously improve the guest experience.”

“In a short space of time, Yumpingo’s food intelligence platform has already made a huge difference to our business, delivering highly positive outcomes.”


Gary Goodman, founder and CEO of Yumpingo says, “Forward-thinking restaurants like Harvester are recognising that tracking and optimising customer satisfaction helps them engage with their guests, so their offering always closely fits the demands of their market.”
“Research has shown that increasing NPS can deliver revenue growth of up to 69%  . Our goal at Yumpingo is to provide the business-critical insight which can help businesses deliver a real, sustainable uplift in their scores.”

Yumpingo is continuing to work closely with Harvester to ensure that this success is replicated, so that it has a 360˚ perspective on its performance from a customer viewpoint. 

Having seen what can be achieved in just four months, it’s clear there is enormous potential to be harnessed.


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