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Yumpingo Everywhere 

Give customers a range of ways to leave a Yumpingo review alongside any dine-in, quick-serve or takeaway concept. Capture customer sentiment any where, any time. 


Capture guest reviews for every format they interact with your product: dine-in, quick serve, grab-and-go, takeaway, delivery and retail. 

Any service

Meet your customers where they are: collect reviews submitted on a guest’s own device in their own time, through app integrations, QR codes and email. 

Many channels

See reviews from all sources together in one place, to get a holistic view of guest sentiment for your products and service. 

Unified reporting

Any service style

Restaurants, dine in

& table service 

Cafes, quick service

& grab-and-go

Bars, stadiums

& street food

On the go, takeaway

& delivery 

Retail & at home

Any channel: mix and match

QR codes

Dynamic & scannable

Easily scanned by a device camera, place QR codes anywhere - on menus, tent-cards or packaging - to give quick access to Yumpingo's review portal. 

Email / CRM

Post-dining contact

Direct customers to leave Yumpingo reviews through an email prompt. Source email addresses from reservations, Wifi connections or loyalty programmes.

App integrations


Integrate Yumpingo's review portal into any existing loyalty, pay or takeaway app. 


In-store hardware

Use existing store hardware - such as self-service or payment kiosks - to collect reviews, or use our bespoke Yumpingo One review tablets. 

EPOS Connect

Link Yumpingo with your point-of-sale system to map reviews against date and time of dining, as well as gaining team-member insights and a simpler guest journey.

Data Insights platform

See how Yumpingo draws out transformative insights from thousands of reviews. 

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